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Assessment of Product Certification Schemes

The Assessment Framework for Product Certification Schemes (Framework) was released in June 2009, as part of the GBCA's ongoing review of the Green Star environmental rating system for buildings.

The Framework is the result of extensive dialogue with Green Star stakeholders, the appointment of an independent Expert Reference Panel and feedback from manufacturers and building industry professionals.

The GBCA has developed the Framework to:

  • clarify best practice benchmarks and establish expectations for manufacturers and suppliers of fitout products, as well as for the certification schemes that are recognised through Green Star
  • reduce the costs of product certification for manufacturers and suppliers
  • reduce the costs and commercial barriers associated with Green Star fitouts.

In November 2013, following further stakeholder consultation, the Framework was expanded to accommodate further product group standards for cleaning products and paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets (relevant VOC requirements).

Fitout items, paints, adhesives and sealants which are certified by GBCA-recognised certification standards will contribute to achieving the Material Calculators, Fitout Calculators and the VOC credit in Green Star rating tools for design and construction.  Cleaning products certified by GBCA recognised Cleaning Products standards will contribute to achieving the Green Cleaning credit in Green Star — Performance.

Pre-Registration Review Application Form (for Assessment of Product Certification Schemes)
GBCA Trade Mark Policy (Referencing Green Star® in Product Literature)

Supporting documentation:
Criteria for Evaluating Product Certification Schemes (PDF 526KB - Updated 15/09/14)

Assessment Process for Product Certification Schemes (PDF 247KB - Updated 03/07/15)

Assessment Tool for Product Certification Schemes (XLS 387KB - Updated 20/11/13)

Assessment Tool Users Guide (PDF - 203KB Updated 20/11/13)