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Best Practice Guidelines for PVC

This page contains the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC as well as the revised PVC credit which is applicable to all legacy rating tools.

Best Practices Guidelines for PVC and Supporting Documents

Literature Review and Best Practice Guidelines for the Life Cycle of PVC Building Products - Provides the conclusions of the PVC credit review. The Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment are provided in section 7.0 of this report.

Auditor Verification Guidance - Provides the means by which auditors are to establish compliance of PVC products to the criteria of the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment.

Stakeholder Feedback Report Revised PVC Credit - Includes feedback received during the public comment period of the Draft Revised PVC credit and the response to this feedback, including changes subsequently made to the credit.

Background and Outcomes of the PVC Minimisation Credit Review - Explains the development of the PVC credit.


Demonstrating Compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC

There are two ways in which project teams are able to demonstrate compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC. This replaces the previous advice on demonstrating compliance and is applicable from 1 August 2015.

1. Auditor Verification

Please refer to the Auditor Verification Guidance document above for information on this process.

2. Manufacturers' Declaration

A manufacturer or supplier product declaration may be used to demonstrate compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC. This declarations must state that the producer-specific and product performance-specific criteria of the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC have been met for a specific product.

The product declaration must be independently audited by either an accredited auditor registered by RABQSA or another equivalent national or international auditor accreditation system, or a JAS-ANZ (or equivalent) accredited certification body. A copy of the compliance certificate issued to the manufacturer/supplier by the auditor must be included in the Green Star submission along with a copy of the product declaration. This certificate must be valid for up to two years. These two items serve as the documentation required to establish compliance with the credit via the Product Declaration option.

If you are using this product declaration pathway to document compliance for legacy rating tools, please include a link to this page within your submission.

For an example of manufacturers declaration see: Two Examples of a Manufacturers Declaration


If you required advice on the application of these guidelines, please refer to the following organisations:

For all queries relating to piping
PIPA – Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Limited
[email protected]
(02) 98847400

For all other queries relating to PVC products
Vinyl Council of Australia
[email protected]
(03) 9368 4856


Revised PVC Credit for Legacy Rating Tools

Download The Green Star 'PVC' credit (Last updated May 2011)

The Green Star 'PVC' credit was introduced into all Green Star rating tools on 7 April 2010 following the PVC Minimisation Credit Review.

All Green Star projects registered before 7 April 2010 have the option to use either the old Green Star 'PVC Minimisation' credit or the new Green Star 'PVC' credit. Any projects registered after 7 April 2010 must use the new Green Star 'PVC' credit.