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Legacy Rating Tools Rulings

Rulings are created based on what we learn from project credit interpretation requests, technical clarifications and feedback from industry. Rulings improve the Green Star rating tools by correcting errors, providing alternative compliance requirements and reducing documentation and modelling.

Green Star Rulings (Legacy rating tools only) 

Green Star Rulings Updated: 29th July 2015 (formerly known as ‘TC & CIR Rulings Spreadsheet)


Previous versions of 'Design' and 'As Built' rating tools which will be superseded by 'Green Star - Design & As Built' - a single rating tool to asses the design and construction of most building types.

Green Star – Multi Unit Residential v1 Addendum

Released: 19th August 2014, as part of the latest update to Green Star Rulings.

There are three different types of rulings in this addendum:

  • Credit Interpretation Request Rulings – give new and alternative ways of getting points. Optional for all projects.
  • Technical Clarification Rulings – clarify content and interpretations. Optional for all projects but must be complied with for projects registered after 30th October 2014.
  • Corrections – amend previously incorrect information. Optional for all projects but must be complied with for projects registered after 30th October 2014.


Using Green Star Rulings

If you are using any of the rulings please remember to note on the Credit Cover Sheet so the Assessment Panel can assess your submission appropriately. Please contact your Case Manager if you have any questions.

Ruling types



Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) Ruling

To provide alternative yet equivalent methods of meeting the Aim of Credit that has been approved by the GBCA.

Technical Clarification (TC)

To provide clarification on items within the Technical Manual.


To make corrections to information included in the Technical Manual.


To provide information about reductions in documentation requirements for projects.


To communicate when a Ruling has been removed and project teams no longer have to comply.