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Green Star – Performance: Certification


Eligibility Criteria

Is my project eligible?

Determining eligibility is an important step to take before registering your project for assessment under Green Star – Performance. It is important to note that registration does not guarantee certification. No project will be certified if it is deemed ineligible against the Eligibility Criteria current at the time of registration or if it does not achieve the relevant number of points for a rating.

At any point in the certification process, project teams can submit a free project eligibility query to the GBCA.

All buildings aiming to achieve a Green Star – Performance certified rating are subject to the following eligibility criteria:


Building type


  •  All building types can be rated using Green Star – Performance, with the exception of single detached dwellings (single houses).
  • The building must be a complete, permanent structure.


Timing of submission for certification

  • Buildings that have achieved Green Star – As Built certification can submit documentation for assessment 18 months after achieving an occupancy certificate. The building must have been operating under normal operating conditions for at least the last 12 months of that 18 month operating period.
  • All other eligible buildings can submit documentation for assessment 36 months after receiving an occupancy certificate. The building must have been operating under normal operating conditions for at least the last 12 months of that 36 month operating period.

Conditional requirements 

  • In order to reach a 4 Star Green Star ‘Best Practice’ level of certification or higher, a project team must demonstrate improvements upon the following credit benchmarks:
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    At least 10% improvement upon the average greenhouse gas baseline
  • Potable Water
    At least 10% improvement upon the average potable water baseline


Distinct boundary

  • All buildings must be spatially differentiated and clearly distinct. Buildings in their entirety can be assessed.
  • Buildings should have a reasonable site boundary that includes all contiguous land associated and that supports the building’s typical operations.
  • Individual tenancies are not eligible for assessment under Green Star – Performance at this time.


Minimum occupancy


  • A building requires at least 1 full time equivalent occupying the space during the ‘Performance Period’.1 A 12 month performance period is the period of time for which your project team gathers and collates auditable data about the operational performance of your building and for the period for which your building is assessed. 


Timing of performance period

  • The performance period is 12 consecutive months from which data will be drawn for Green Star – Performance certification. The beginning of the performance period can be no more than 12 months prior to registration.

Other requirements

  • All Green Star – Performance registered premises must comply with all Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Laws.
  • All Green Star – Performance registered projects must commit to sharing their building energy and water usage data with the GBCA.


Certification Process


The performance period

A 12 month ‘Performance Period’ is the period of time for which your project team gathers and collates auditable data about the operational performance of your building and for the period for which your building is assessed.

Once your building’s performance period is complete, your team has 90 days to submit your documentation. Like other Green Star rating tools, there are two rounds of assessment available to help you demonstrate your building’s performance.
Where a second round of assessment occurs, your team must submit your building’s Round 2 documentation no more than 90 days following receipt of your Round 1 assessment results.

12 and 24 month performance check-ups

In order to maintain your building’s Green Star – Performance rating, your team must submit greenhouse gas and potable water performance data at 12 and 24 months intervals following the end of your building’s performance period. These simple checks help to demonstrate that your building is operating at the level at which it was certified, and that your team is undertaking appropriate monitoring for key performance indicators and impact categories.


Throughout your building’s three year certification period, your team will monitor your building’s performance and where necessary implement improvements to operational procedures. As your certification period comes to an end, your team can resubmit data for all credits as part of a new certification process and achieve a new Green Star – Performance rating. Your building’s Green Star rating may increase, decrease, or stay the same, depending on any operational improvement initiatives or works you may have undertaken since your last rating was achieved.

Portfolio Certification

Green Star – Performance is designed to work with building portfolios and those managed centrally on a campus. The portfolio certification service is a cost-effective method to achieve reporting requirements and includes:

  • A tailored fee
  • Custom certification agreement
  • Technical workshop with the GBCA to assist with project planning and strategy
  • Portfolio Supplement document to assist project teams using the Green Star – Performance certification process.
  • Portfolio Submission Templates and Calculators to efficiently accept information on multiple buildings.

For more information on Green Star – Performance Portfolio Certification, download the Portfolio Certification Process Guide or contact Robert Milagre, Director Sustainable Services & Reporting.

Greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption addendum

In addition to a Green Star certificate, an addendum detailing the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption for a building during the performance period will be issued for those NOT eligible for pathway ‘15A. NABERS Energy’ under the ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ credit. At this time, most commercial office buildings, and shopping centers over 15,000sqm are considered eligible for pathway 15A. Commercial office buildings and retail centres eligible for a NABERS Energy rating that are unable to achieve one, as well as data centers and hotels can contact GBCA for assistance should they require this addendum. GBCA will also provide additional guidance should the NABERS Energy program expand to other sectors.


New Generation Assessment process

We’ve simplified and improved the assessment process for New Generation Rating Tools to make it more efficient, more effective and to help achieve better outcomes.

There are two methods of assessment used in the certification process.

Core assessment: Information provided in the Submission Template is reviewed for compliance.

Comprehensive assessment: Information provided in the Submission Template as well as supporting documentation is assessed for compliance.

The diagram below outlines the stages at which each method of assessment is used.


Determining Compliance

Once assessed, Criteria claimed will either be:

  1. Awarded
  2. Awarded – minor non-compliance:
    Insignificant errors identified within the submission, and the points are still awarded.
  3. Not Awarded – major non-compliance:
    Significant errors identified within the submission, and the points cannot be awarded.


For more detailed information on the new generation assessment process, please download the full process document.

Please contact Green Star team for more information.


Rating Scale

Following an independent, third-party assessment of your building’s operation, you gain a certified rating ranging from 1 Star Green Star, through to 6 Star Green Star:


While other Green Star rating tools only certify projects that achieve a 4 Star Green Star outcome or better, Green Star - Performance certifies buildings at all levels. This allows building owners and facilities management teams to set building-specific benchmarks from which they can improve over time.




Certification Fees


A certification fee applies to projects pursuing Green Star assessment and certification. The certification fee for Green Star – Performance is based on the project’s Gross Floor Area (GFA)* and GBCA membership status. To receive the member rate the applicant company must be a member. To become a GBCA member, please register your organisation.

*Fees are subject to change without notice.


Your certification fee includes:

  • Unlimited access to the Green Star – Performance rating tool
  • Project registration and assessment (includes year 1 and year 2 audits performance check-ups)
  • One pdf of the Submission Guidelines

Green Star – Performance ratings are valid for three years. In order to maintain your rating during this period, your project team must meet complete mandatory performance check-ups at 12 and 24 months. Prior to the end of your certification period, you can begin a new performance period and register for re-assessment. This will allow you to maintain or improve your Green Star – Performance rating.


Additional fees

Additional fees that may be incurred:



Certification Agreement

The Certification Agreement contains the standard terms and conditions upon which the GBCA is able to provide a voluntary certification service to the
Applicant. It is non-negotiable, and represents a formal agreement between the GBCA and Applicant.

Please do not print and sign this draft document. Once you have completed the registration application online, your Case Manager will issue a copy specifically for your project.



Registration Information

Before registering projects should have the following information available:

  • Details of the project applying for certification (name, address, size, practical completion date, proposed submission date).
  • Details of the Applicant company* and Applicant contact* (name, address, phone number, email address).
  • Details of the project contact* (name, email, phone number).
  • Details of the marketing contact from the Applicant company e.g. marketing/communications manager (name, email, phone number). 
  • Review the Green Star Certification Agreement and Trade Mark Rules.

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties or require assistance please view the instructional video on how to register your project, or contact a member
of the Green Star Certification Team.