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What is Green Star?


Introducing Green Star (3MB)

What is Green Star?

Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities. With more than 7.2 million square metres of Green Star-certified space around Australia, and a further 8 million square metres of Green Star-registered space, Green Star is transforming Australia's built environment.

Green Star was developed for the property industry in order to:

  • establish a common language
  • set a standard of measurement for built environment sustainability
  • promote integrated, holistic design;
  • recognise environmental leadership;
  • identify and improve life-cycle impacts; and
  • raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable design, construction and urban planning.

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The business case for Green Star certification

Why use Green Star? There a clear economic, social and environmental benefits for Green Star certification.

All you have to do is say 'Green Star' and set a star level, and everyone nods...one sentence to communicate a level of aspiration across half a dozen or more disciplines: that's pretty fantastic.
Mary Casey, Senior Consultant, McLachlan Lister

Meet the Green Star rating tools

The GBCA has developed a variety of rating tools and a custom tool development service to measure and promote sustainability within Australia's built environment. The Green Star team is also working to develop a new rating tools. Read more about the Green Star rating tools.

What are the Green Star categories?

The Green Star rating tools assess building or community projects against a number of categories. These categories allow for a determination to made on the environmental impact of a project's site selection, design, construction,  maintenance etc. The nine categories included within the various Green Star - Design and Green Star - As Built rating tools are:

  • Management
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Land Use & Ecology
  • Emissions
  • Innovation

The Green Star - Communities rating tool, assesses precinct level developments against six categories:

  • Governance
  • Design
  • Liveability
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Environment
  • Innovation

The Green Star categories are divided into credits, which each address a specific aspect or potential point of improvement for sustainable performance. Points are then awarded to the project based on how well it delivers against each credit's objectives.

When all claimed credits within each category are assessed, a percentage score is calculated and Green Star environmental weighting factors are applied. Environmental weighting factors allow the Green Star system to take into account the diversity of environmental concerns and variables across the states and territories of Australia. Read more about how Green Star ratings are calculated.

Find out more about how you can register your building project for Green Star certification.

What Green Star certified ratings are available?

Green Star ratings are determined by comparing a project's overall score with the following rating scale:

Point Score

Green Star Rating


45 - 59

4 Star

Best Practice

60 - 74

5 Star

Australian Excellence


6 Star

World Leader 

Although Green Star certification requires a formal process, any project team can freely download and use the Green Star tools to track and improve their environmental attributes.

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Green Star trade marks

The GBCA owns the various trade marks including trade marks incorporating the words "Green Star". Use of the GBCA's trade marks must be authorised. Any unauthorised use may result in legal action.

More information about the Green Star trade mark.