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Better together: Interiors and Performance

Green Star – Interiors and The Green Star – Performance, which is about to enter its final phase of development, have been designed to interact and work together in order to achieve improved environmental outcomes across the building life cycle.

The Green Star – Interiors PILOT’s 'Site Selection' credit rewards the selection of base-buildings that have been independently assessed and certified against a set of holistic environmental impact criteria. The higher the certified rating of the base building, the more the fitout is rewarded under the credit. The introduction of Green Star – Performance will work to significantly expand the choice of sites beyond ‘new’ Green Star As Built-certified buildings, in addition to encouraging the owners and users of non-Green Star rated buildings to evaluate and improve their building’s operational efficiency.

Green Star – Performance and Green Star – Interiors will work together to encourage the optimisation of building’s operational performance from the inside out through credits such as the Green Star – Interiors PILOT’s ‘Commitment to Performance’ credit. This credit encourages building owners, tenants and occupants to work together to set operational performance targets and monitor their results. Once released, Green Star – Performance will give clear guidance to this process and provide benchmarks for all building stakeholders to work collaboratively toward.

By providing multiple incentives and a framework for building stakeholders to work together, Green Star – Interiors and Green Star – Performance will not only improve operational outcomes, but will also help to bridge the divide between owners and tenants by facilitating higher levels of engagement.

Green Star – Performance is currently entering BETA testing phase and will be released as a PILOT rating tool in 2013. For more information, please visit Green Star - Performance