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Green Star - Design & As Built Draft Credits

As part of the Green Star 2014 program of works, we have been working with our members and other industry stakeholders to develop draft criteria for the new Green Star — Design & As Built rating tool.

The draft credits and the structure of the new rating tool, can be better understood in the context of the following documents:

We recommend viewing the Green Star - Design & As Built Scoping Paper, prior to reading the draft credits below. The Scoping Paper will provide you with a number of concepts which will be beneficial to providing informed feedback on the draft credits.

Draft Credits - Submissions now closed

The draft credits include the technical details, documentation requirements and the overall direction taken to achieving best practice sustainable outcomes. Due to the draft nature of these credits, there may be some inconsistencies in language and formatting. These will be reviewed prior to the final release of the rating tool. 

Project teams can also test the draft credits in their currently registered projects. For more information contact us.

How do I provide feedback? Submissions now closed

  1. Download the individual credits that you wish to comment on as well as the supporting submission templates, calculators and discussion paper associated with individual credits.
  2. Open the saved pdf and complete the fields seeking feedback – this is an interactive form and enables you to type into the document
  3. Once complete, click the ‘Submit’ button in the upper right hand corner the pdf form.

Draft credits

Download all draft credits in a single compressed file, or review one at a time by clicking on each category below. 


What are credits, calculators and discussion papers?

  • Credit:  each credit addresses a specific aspect or potential point of improvement for sustainable performance.
  • Submission Template: a standard form that provides guidance for the information and documents that are required to demonstrate credit compliance. They are provided as an example of how the online form will be presented in the online rating tool.
  • Calculator: an excel spreadsheet used to complete a required calculation within a credit.
  • Discussion paper: an overview of comments provided by industry in relation to a specific credit.

What changes have been made?

Coming soon - a summary paper will be released, providing an overview of the key changes to all credits and categories within the Green Star— Design & As Built rating tool.