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29 July 2011
GBCA supports Thriving Neighbourhoods conference

24 May 2011
Australian Government backs Green Star for sustainable cities

18 May 2011
New national urban policy the first step on a long, long road

10 May 2011
$160 million for cities a good start

2 May 2011
Bowden urban village gets green light

16 March 2011
Australia's leading planning and design firms support sustainable communities

15 March 2011
A sustainable community starts with people

8 March 2011
Leading developer supports sustainable communities in Australia

24 February 2011
More work to do to green NSW, says GBCA


17 December 2010
GBCA calls for integrated approach to population strategy and urban policy development

10 December 2010
Cities are everyone's business, says GBCA

1 December 2010
National urban policy needed, says GBCA

15 October 2010
Green Stars for Canberra communities

22 September 2010
Sustainability consulting firm brings global reach to Green Star Communities

14 September 2010
Planners support Green Star Communities

1 September 2010
'Green Star Communities' shines brighter with state government support

31 August 2010
Rock Development launches LOOP, a proposed Green Star Community

2 August 2010
University of Melbourne supports Green Star Communities project

12 March 2010
Green Star - Communities to address sustainable urban planning challenges

28 January 2010
Green Building Council of Australia announces key sponsor for GBCA Precinct Project