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Green Star - Communities PILOT Rating Tool a Step Closer

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As the draft PILOT Green Star - Communities rating tool nears completion, the GBCA's focus has turned to establishing the necessary implementation processes for the PILOT phase in 2012. This includes developing the certification model, identifying education and training requirements and how the assessment process will be undertaken.

The GBCA's Manager of Sustainable Communities, Adam Beck, recently spent time in Canada and North America engaging with the green building councils of Canada and the US to review the processes these organisations have established for the LEED Neighbourhood Development rating tool, one of the existing rating tools that the GBCA has been using to benchmark credits. Beck also spent time with developers and consultants who have been using the LEED ND tool, as well as expert advisors to both green building councils.

"These discussions have been invaluable for the GBCA, as we have been able to make informed decisions about our implementation process," Beck said. He noted that having been in the field for more than three years, the LEED ND rating tool provides one of the only case studies globally of how a rating tool can be used at a neighbourhood, precinct and community scale.

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