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Building on the improvements that we made to Green Star during 2012/13 and guided by the feedback you provided as part of our most recent stakeholder review, we’ve committed to a range of ambitious projects to improve your Green Star user experience. From July 2013 through to December 2014, Green Star 2014 will deliver:

  • A single, streamlined Design & As Built rating tool that can assess buildings across a range of sectors
  • Hours of time saved and easier access to information via the online delivery of Green Star rating tools including Green Star – Performance, Communities, Interiors and the new Design & As Built.
  • Updated benchmarks and credits to reflect the market’s needs – now and into the future
  • Up to 30% less documentation required to achieve certification when your project progresses from a Green Star - Design to a Green Star - As Built rating.
  • Increased quality assurance and stronger governance with a commitment to the achievement of ISO 9001 certification for Green Star
  • More consistentcost-effective and flexible assessment methods.

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Questions about our Green Star 2014 program of works? Please contact us!