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The Project Rating

Rating achieved

If the results of the assessment have validated the project's achievement of a score of 45 or above, the GBCA will award a Green Star Certified Rating and notify the Applicant via an award letter. The following will then be made available for the applicant to download from their Green Star Project Manager:

  • Green Star Marketing Kit
  • Green Star Certified Rating Style Guide
  • Green Star Certified Rating Logos
  • Green Star Certificate (PDF)

The GBCA may request a project case study and will assist the Applicant in promoting the project's achievements through events, site tours, media campaign, guest speaker engagements and press coverage.

Framed certificates can be purchased from the GBCA for $275 (inc. GST). We can also talk to you about producing other tailored marketing materials such as decals. Please contact your the GBCA Marketing Team for more information.

Please click on Marketing your Green Star Project for more information on how to market your Green Star certified project.


Rating not achieved

If the desired Green Star Certified Rating is not achieved after Round 2 Assessment, the following options are available:

Accept Final Score
If the final score of the project is 45 and above, the project can accept and market the result.

If the final score of the project is below 45 and the project does not qualify for a Certified Rating, the GBCA will not disclose the results of the Green Star assessment or the project's initial intent of achieving a Green Star Certified Rating until advised otherwise.

New Assessment Process
The project has the option of initiating a new Green Star certification process with the GBCA. In this case, both parties would enter into a new Certification Agreement and repeat the entire certification process (including paying Certification Fee). The new assessment will assume no prior knowledge ofresults of this assessment, so the required documentation must be submitted in its entirety. This is the only option that would allow the project to claim credits that were not previously claimed, or changes in any aspect of the design, contract or policy.

If a project does not achieve its desired Green Star Certified Rating after the Round 2 Assessment, it has the option of lodging a formal Appeal, if it can achieve enough points for a Certification by resubmitting a maximum of five credits.

The following rules and conditions apply to the Appeal submission:

  • The project team must notify the GBCA in writing, within 30 days of receiving Round 2 results, of their intention to Appeal, and clearly nominate the credits that will be Appealed;
  • Only credits that were claimed in either Rounds 1 and 2 can be Appealed;
  • No change to design, contract or policy will be reviewed at this time;
  • No overdue documentation (stipulated in the Compliance Requirements to have been generated at a specific past stage of the Project) will be reviewed at this time (i.e. if the documentation were meant to be generated at a previous phase of the project);
  • A flat fee of $1,000.00 plus GST per credit will apply. The Applicant will be invoiced for the total amount due for the Appeal before the Appeal assessment is undertaken;
  • The project team has 60 days from the date of the invoice to pay for the invoice, and submit their Appeal;
  • To ensure fairness of process, the Appeal review will be conducted solely on the information provided by the Applicant, with no additional opportunities for clarification or resubmission;
  • The Appeal submission must be submitted in one package;
  • The results of the Appeal submission automatically amend the results of the Round 2 assessment and are final.

The Appeal submission will be reviewed by the GBCA Technical Advisory Panel, a panel of industry experts in subject matters addressed within Green Star. It will not be reviewed by the same Assessment team that reviewed the original submissions.

More information will be provided to projects as needed.