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Round 1 submission and assessment

Round 1 Submission

Prepare Round 1 Submission

Once your project is registered, the project team should prepare documentation, drawings and calculations to satisfy the Green Star requirements. It is important to ensure that documentation for all claimed credits adhere to all the Compliance Requirements outlined in the relevant Technical Manual, as there are only two rounds of Assessment and one opportunity for resubmission (Credit-by-credit assessment) available.

Submission Notification

To ensure receipt of the Round 1 Assessment results within six (6) weeks of submission, the Project Contact must inform their GBCA Case Manager of the date of submission via the Submission Notification Form.

Round 1 Submission Requirements

The applicant must forward the completed Pre-Assessment Checklist and four (4) electronic copies of the submission to:

ATTN: Green Star Certification Team
Green Building Council of Australia
PO Box Q78, QVB, NSW 1230
GreenHouse, Level 15, 179 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Round 1 Assessment

Pre-Assessment Review

Upon receipt of the Round 1 submission, the GBCA Case Manager will conduct a Pre-Assessment Review. If unsuccessful, the submission will be returned to the project team with instructions for resubmission. If successful, an Assessment Panel will be formed.

Assessment Panel

The results of an Assessment of a submission are determined by an Assessment Panel which consists of one or more Certified Assessors.

The Assessment Panel will provide one of the following responses for each credit claimed:

  • Point(s) awarded - Credit Criteria achieved, no need to resubmit
  • Point(s) to be confirmed - Credit Criteria not achieved, more information required
  • Point(s) to be confirmed - Credit Criteria not achieved, information supplied is incorrect
  • Point(s) not awarded - Credit Criteria not achieved, explanation provided

Round 1 Assessment Results

Few projects achieve their desired Green Star Certified Rating during the Round 1 Assessment. Typically a project will be awarded one-third of the claimed points at the conclusion of the Round 1 Assessment with two-thirds of the claimed points 'to be confirmed' pending the receipt of additional
clarification or supporting documentation.

Please allow six (6) weeks after the GBCA receives the submission to receive the Round 1 Assessment results. The GBCA will forward the results of the Round 1 Assessment to the Applicant and Project Contact. If the project receives their desired Green Star rating at the conclusion of the Round 1 Assessment they will not be required to resubmit for a Round 2 Assessment.