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Green Guide to Government Policy

States and Territories

Tue 26 Nov, 2013 States and Territories

New South Wales

The NSW Government committed to long-term reduction targets in 2005, including a 60% cut in greenhouse emissions by 2050 and a return to year 2000 greenhouse emission levels in NSW by 2025. More


The Victorian Government has allocated $200 million for sustainability actions, and is committed to leading by example, improving energy and water efficiency and developing liveable cities and towns. More


The Queensland Government has demonstrated strong green leadership through a number of support programs for sustainable building. More


The Tasmanian Government has recently stepped up its support for green building, with a commitment to demonstrate government leadership, become an energy-smart state and consolidate Tasmania's position as the renewable energy State. More

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT Government issued its climate change strategy, Weathering the Change, in 2007. More

South Australia

The South Australian Government's greenhouse strategy focuses on four key areas for the building sector: performance standards, energy efficiency, improved building performance and urban development. More

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has recently stepped up its support for green building, with its new climate change policy. More

Western Australia

The Western Australian Greenhouse Strategy was released in September 2004, with a number of core actions - leadership, community awareness, research and engagement with national and international processes - to enable the state to embrace the opportunities and manage the risks associated with climate change. More

Last updated Wed 5 Oct 2011