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The Advocate - April 2010

Wed 28 Apr, 2010 Advocacy

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News from our man in Canberra, Dave Pebbles...

Well, the leaves are turning golden and the temperature is plummeting to zero here in the political hotbed of intrigue that is Canberra.

This Government has made one of its key environmental announcements this week, that the introduction of the CPRS legislation would be delayed until 2013.

The Advocate prides himself on being a reasonable reader of the political tea leaves, but confesses he did not see that one coming.

What does it mean for the GBCA? We supported the CPRS, but argued that it should be seen as just one measure for tackling climate change; complementary measures to tackle emissions from the building sector were needed, given the building sector accounts for some 23% of Australia's emissions.

Without the CPRS, these 'complementary' measures now become the main game, and the building sector assumes even greater importance. This helps to explain the Government's recent batch of energy efficiency task groups and plans.

As one newspaper has suggested, without the CPRS in play, the federal election is shaping up as a battle between the two main parties' 'direct action plans.' Look to see a lot of policy on tackling emissions from the building sector in the coming months.

More news soon...


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