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Election 2016 Platform. A five-point plan for buildings, communities and cities

Tue 31 May, 2016 Advocacy

As the nation gears up for the Federal election on Saturday, July 2, the GBCA is engaging with all political parties and calling on them to commit to build a better, more sustainable future for all Australians. With support from our members, we have developed the Election 2016 Platform A five-point plan for buildings, communities and cities. We need supportive policies and programs to help the industry move towards net zero. We need a commitment from government to raise national minimum standards for buildings, to work with us to harness the potential of mid-tier buildings and to remove barriers to energy market reform. And we need the government to demonstrate leadership as we catalyse a sustainable cities movement. 

Election 2016 Platform A five-point plan for our buildings, communities and cities:

1. Move towards net zero

2. Buildings: raise minimum standards

3. Harness the potential of mid-tier buildings

4. Accelerate the advancement of a precinct utilities marketplace

5. Catalyse the sustainable cities movement

Just as importantly, this Election 2016 Platform also includes the ways in which the GBCA is committed to supporting government, and all other stakeholders, as we work together to transform the built environment.


 GBCA Election 2016 Platform

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