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Green Guide to Government Policy

6. Regulation

Tue 5 Apr, 2011 Western Australia

6.1 Environmental investigators

Contemporary regulation complemented by effective monitoring, investigation and enforcement capabilities remain key facets of protecting and conserving the environment. The WA Government has committed funding to enhance the level of environmental investigation capacity across the state, as part of its overall approach to ensure effective environmental safeguards.

6.2 House energy ratings

Homes with a higher house energy rating are more energy efficient in terms of thermal performance. This means that the homes cost less to heat and cool, so energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are lower and the houses are generally more comfortable to live in.

NaTHERS six-star energy efficiency requirements for new homes built in Western Australia will come into effect on May 1 2011. A 12-month transitional period will follow to allow new home developers a choice of a five-plus-star or six-star energy efficiency rating.

Last updated Wed 5 Oct 2011