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Green Guide to Government Policy

5. Research and development

Mon 19 Dec, 2011 Victoria

5.1 Green Roof Research Program

The Victorian Government is contributing $120,000 over three years to the University of Melbourne's Green Roof Research Program which is looking into he best green roof design model for Australian conditions.

The research will also develop an understanding of the attitudes of building owners, developers, planners and other stakeholders about green roofs. It aims to overcome barriers to their implementation and achieve multiple environmental, economic and health benefits.

The Green Roof Research Program is also being funded by a $1.33 million Australian Research Council 2009 Linkage Project grant that includes a monetary contribution from Melbourne Water and in-kind support from Melbourne City Council and the Committee for Melbourne.

5.2 Energy Technology Innovation Strategy

The Energy Technology Innovation strategy (ETIS) is designed to accelerate sustainable energy technologies to the commercial-ready stage.

ETIS drives advances in pre-commercial sustainable energy technologies such as solar, biomass conversion, geothermal and clean distributed energy.

The Victorian Government has recently committed an additional $41 million for competitive grant funding for pilot renewable energy plants and technology projects, including a range of low-emission technologies such as fuel cells, co-generation and tri-generation.

The new funding builds on a $41 million package to support sustainable energy. This included the $10 million Sustainable Research and Development Program, and the $20 million Sustainable energy Pilot \Demonstration Program.

Together, these programs facilitate further development of sustainable energy technologies relevant to Victoria.

Last updated Wed 5 Oct 2011