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How do I book a course online and pay for a course from the GBCA website?

Wed 19 Jan, 2011

To book a course online, you must first register your details on our website. If you are already registered, log in with your email address and password.

Click on the Education & Courses tab to access the course calendar. Then:
- Select the course you would like to attend.
- If you are not the attendee, please enter the details of the person who is attending the course.
- Follow the prompts and click on "confirm booking".
- Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be taken to our online credit card payment system. If you wish to pay by credit card or wish to generate a tax invoice, you can escape ( "Esc" button) from this page and a tax invoice will be emailed to you. Your invoice contains a link, which directs you back to our online credit card payment system at a later time.
- Please note that unpaid bookings are automatically deleted from our system after 5 days.
- Payment is required at least 10 working days prior to the course.

Please contact Kattrin Gloeckler 02 8239 6217 for any further queries regarding booking a course.