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Section - Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure


Sustainable, high-quality buildings connected by a network of supporting sustainable, high-quality infrastructure are the key to healthy, happy and prosperous communities, and Australia must make the design and delivery of sustainable urban infrastructure a top priority if our nation is to remain competitive in an increasingly globalised and fast-paced world.

The GBCA, Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and a host of built environment leaders join together for an interactive exploration of the issues surrounding the creation of successful and sustainable urban communities for Australia’s future.


Urban Infrastructure & the Future of Australian Cities 1 29:25 $39 $59
Sustainable Australia Report: Cities of the Future 1 40:28 $39 $59
What Makes A Community? 1 47:38 $39 $59
Concept to Completion 1 70:00 $39 $59


  • Romilly Madew, CEO - GBCA
  • Megan Motto, CEO - Consult Australia
  • Tim Williams, CEO - Committee for Sydney
  • Kylie Legge, Director - Place Partners
  • David Singleton, Global Planning Leader - Arup and Chair - ISCA
  • Antony Sprigg, CEO - ISCA
  • Ro Coroneos, Manager Community and Social Strategy, Barangaroo - Lend Lease
  • Howard Chemney, Environment Manager - Thiess
  • Stuart Hodgson, Principal Manager Sustainability, NW Rail Link - NSW Transport