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Section: Life Cycle Assessment webinar series

GBCA and Edge Environment partnered together to deliver a specialised training course focused on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). 

LCA is the most comprehensive method to assess the environmental impacts of products and assets throughout their lifetime. This leading assessment technique is now integrated into Green Star rating tools via Innovation Challenges.  So if you, or your customers, are working with Green Star, your project team needs to understand how to work with LCA. 

The below modules are recordings of the LCA webinars.


LCA Course: Introductory module  2  96:36  $99  $169
LCA Course: Product Transparency and Sustainability 3 Part 1: 73:04
Part 2: 87:05
$129 $199
LCA Course: Building and Asset Life Cycle Impacts 3

Part 1:
Part 2: 63:57

$129 $199
LCA Course: Sustainable Procurement & Strategy 3

Part 1:
Part 2:

$129 $199