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Training Providers

GBCA recognises and awarded CPD points for many non-GBCA professional development activities. In order to have your course, event or activity considered for recognition under the Green Star CPD program, you can complete and submit the CPD Activity Recognition Form online.

The GBCA's education team will then assess the activity's professional development value in the context of the objectives of our CPD program objectives. If the activity is eligible it will be added to the list of approved non-GBCA activities.

What do I have to do?

Making a request is easy, simply fill out the online CPD Activity Recognition Form, letting us know about:

  • the provider and facilitator
  • the course content and learning outcomes
  • the course details including allocated time (excluding time allocated for registration, breaks and networking sessions), dates and locations


I've submitted my request, what now?

You will be notified of the outcome of your submission by email within 10 working days.