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Non-GBCA Courses, Events and Activities

As a CPD program participant, you can earn Green Star CPD points for a range of non-GBCA professional development activities. You simply need to make a request to have your points awarded via your CPD Learning Portal.

Making a request is easy, you simply need to:

  1. log in to the GBCA website
  2. click on the "CPD" link located on the top right hand side of the GBCA home page.
  3. click on "Add New Request"
  4. complete all the required fields and upload*: evidence of attendance (i.e. a certificate, confirmation of attendance or letter from your employer) and the learning outcomes or course outline, which will show us how the training has improved your understanding of sustainability within the built environment.

*If you have selected a course from the already approved listing, you will not need to upload the learning outcomes.

I’ve made a request, what now?

Once your request for points is approved, the relevant amount of Green Star points will be attributed to your CPD points total. Each non-GBCA course, event or activity that gains approval will be added to the approved course listing in the CPD Learning Portal.

I want to know more about the types of activities that can earn me CPD points.


I want to request that my organisations training be recognised for Green Star CPD points.