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Submissions to government in 2011

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) makes submissions to all levels of government on a range of issues relating to green buildings and sustainable communities.  Please see links below for submissions made in 2011:  

Australian Government

January 2011 Pre-Budget Submission: 2011-2012 Federal Budget

February 2011 Tax Breaks for Green Buildings Consultation

March 2011 Our Cities: Building a productive, sustainable and liveable future

March 2011 A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia

May 2011 Proposed Architecture and Implementation Arrangements for a Carbon Pricing Mechanism

August 2011 Draft Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Bill

August 2011 Australian Urban Design Protocol

August 2011 Proposed Accreditation for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

September 2011 Measures of Australia’s Progress – MAP 2.0

September 2011 Residential Building Mandatory Disclosure

October 2011 Community Energy Efficiency Program

November 2011 Light Vehicle CO2 Emissions Standards for Australia

November 2011 Australian Standard – Climate Change Adaptation for Settlements and Infrastructure (DR AS 5334)

December 2011 Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation

New South Wales Government

September 2011 NSW Water Industry Competition (WIC) Act

November 2011 Professional Services Industry Action Plan Taskforce

Queensland Government

April 2011 Queensland’s Approach to the National Broadband Network

August 2011 Improving Building Certification in Queensland

October 2011 Climate Change:  Adaptation for Queensland

Tasmanian Government

December 2011 Draft Residential Development Strategy

Victorian Government

July 2011 Strategic Review of Sustainability Victoria

August 2011 Victorian Planning System Review

City of Adelaide

December 2011 Picture Adelaide Consultation